Welcome to the MRAS Supplier Resource page.  Below is a list of resources available for download or viewing online. These resources are presented as a guide to our existing Vendors and Suppliers. If you have specific questions, please contact the appropriate MRAS Buyer.
Middle River Aircraft Systems has completed the transition to a new (ERP) Business System and the web-based interaction for suppliers via the Supplier Collaboration Portal (SCP) and a Self-Service System (SSS) Accounts Payable (AP) Module.


The SCP and SSS AP are now live, your SCP access is open, and appropriate data is now available.  The Purchase Orders (POs) on SCP today are the new ERP PO numbers and format.  Your existing PO number is in the “Description Field” to enable you to cross reference to your existing commitments and terms.


If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact your MRAS Buyer.


Thank you.



Supplier Forms
  PR313 - Special Administrative Clauses of Purchase Order
  PR279 - General Provisions for Firm Fixed Price Orders
  Q341 - Quality Assurance Provisions of Purchase Order
  MRAS Approved Processor Usage Reporting Form
  MRAS Supplier Corrective Action Request Response Form
  MRAS Supplier Submitted MRB Form
  MRAS Supplier Submitted Disclosure
Supplier Resources
  SCP - Supplier Collaboration Portal
    iSupplier Information
  MRAS 9000 - Supplier Quality System Requirements
  Doing Business With GE (To view information on):
    Visitor Security Requirements
Remarks (Applicable as Listed on Purchase Order)
  Boeing IDS
    Article 4
    747-8 Special Business Provisions
  Lockheed Martin
    Counterfeit Goods