MRAS Position on Supplier Gifts & Gratuities

Dear Supplier:

We are proud of our relationship with the many suppliers who have served Middle River Aircraft Systems throughout the years.
Our business associations arose and will continue to stand on the basis of mutual respect. We value your goodwill, your service, and your ability to supply us with quality materials and supplies at fair prices. We trust you respect our integrity and independence, which are unencumbered by special interest and favoritism.

As you are aware, we are a prime contractor to the U.S. Government and are prohibited from receiving money or gifts of any value from suppliers or supplier’s employees for the purpose of obtaining favorable treatment. For this reason, we must insist that your and your employees not provide gifts or gratuities of any kind to any employee of Middle River Aircraft Systems for the purpose of obtaining favorable treatment. We have instructed Middle River Aircraft Systems employees that they are not authorized to receive such gifts from Middle River Aircraft Systems’suppliers or to give anything of other than nominal value to Middle River Aircraft Systems’ customers that are connected in any way to a Government contract. Business courtesies, such as an occasional lunch or dinner of nominal value, or in plant refreshments, are permissible, provided they are in furtherance of the business relationship and cannot be reasonably interpreted as an attempt to gain unfair business advantage or otherwise reflect negatively on either business entity.

Middle River Aircraft Systems has established a helpline, (410) 682-2959, to enable employees, suppliers, and/or subcontractors to provide management with information about any possible improper or illegal activity. Although any reports of improper or illegal activity will be held in the strictest confidence, persons reporting such activity need not identify themselves.
Please refer to these Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) guidelines for additional Information:

3.502-3 Contract Clause